Fees for Legal Services, Contracts

All kinds of fees according to the attorney pay rate are utilized for providing legal services. An hour rate is the most usual one, however, other types of payment (such as blanket or success-dependent) can be negotiated with a client.

Amount of Renumeration

Hour rates are usually from 2.500 CZK to 4.000 CZK. In case there is a foreign subject, they are calculated in EURO, USD or GBP. The precise amount depends on:

  • time demandingness and complexity of a case,
  • usage of a foreign language or a foreign law,
  • the locality of service performance (residence of the law firm / time-demanding performance outside the residence),
  • expenses and VAT (accorging to the law) are added to all types of rates.


A contract of mandate is concluded for demanded legal service, in which the content of services is stated, as well as a type of a rate and its amount. Placing a deposit is usually required. The client is continuously informed about the state of his case and about operations performed for him by lawyers of the law firm.

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