Provided Legal Services


Law of Business Organizations

  • complex law services focused on foundations of business companies or cooperatives (including negotiations with offices, bureaus and courts),
  • Commercial Register: communication with the Commercial Court, representation in proceedings there,
  • oganisation and complex providing of general meetings of business organizations,
  • changes of the amount of registered capital, mergers, acquisitions, transfers of business shares, changes of a legal form,
  • legal consultations in reorganisation of groups of companies,
  • legal consultations in changes of inner structures of organizations, in changes of authorities, stock agreements,
  • responsibility of authorities of business companies relating to the performance of their function,
  • legal audit of business organizations – due diligence,
  • business litigations – representations at courts and in other alternative possibilities of settlements, decision proceedings.

Law of Contracts – contract for work done etc.

  • elaboration of a contract suggestion, contract for work done, according to a client's demands and in accordance with the law,
  • legal consultations and assistance in negotiation of a contract's content,
  • consideration of a contract validity, advantages, and possible legal risks relating to a contract,
  • enforcement of contractual obligations, exaction of obligations related to a contract violation (liquidated damages or other non-material harms),
  • elaboration and/or consideration of distributive contracts (agency disposals, concessionary contracts, franchise contracts etc.).

Law of Bills

  • legal consultations related to bills (drawing bills, transfers of bills, collection of bills, consideration of enforceability ob bills, blank bills and agrrements about the law of bill completion),
  • represenation of clients at courts in bill proceedings,
  • enforcement of bill performance.

Law of Economic Competition

  • consideration of monopoly agreements,
  • misappropriation of a dominant position,
  • notification of integration at Czech and European anti-trust bureaus,
  • distributive contracts,
  • consideration of unfair competition acting,
  • representation at Czech and European anti-trust bureaus and in proceedings of a review of anti-trust entities by administrative courts,
  • public orders.

Judicial and Arbitration Proceedings

  • representation in action civil judicial proceedings (business, civil and labour disputes),
  • execution proceedings,
  • representation in arbitration proceedings and in other alternative forms of settlement,
  • representation in criminal proceedings,
  • representation at administrative courts.

Insolvency Proceedings

  • motions to commencement of insolvency proceedings, representation of a client in this procedure,
  • registration of claims to insolvency proceedings,
  • representation of a client at creditor authorities,
  • representation in incidental and exempting litigations,
  • elaboration of specialist expertises for insolvency administrators.

Civil Law

  • problems of property right and other real rights (complete legal services in transfers of real estates including attorney deposits),
  • housing law (statement of the estate's owner, grant deeds, unity of flat owners),
  • lease and sublease relations concerning residential and non-residential facilities,
  • rights in obligations (enumeration of contracts, their consideration),
  • claims, their formation, security (pledges, liability, transfers, assignments) and exaction,
  • liquidated damages, unjust enrichment,
  • protection of personal rights,
  • copyright,
  • industry rights.

Labour Law

  • legal consultations of labour issues related to entering into labour and manager contracts,
  • problems of appointments and discharges from manager positions,
  • problems of termination of employment,
  • litigations in employment.

Administrative Law, Constitutional Law

  • representation in administrative proceedings,
  • representation at administrative judiciary, administrative actions, cassation complaints,
  • representation at Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic in solving constitutional complaints,
  • municipal rights,
  • Building Act,
  • Mining Act.

Criminal Law

  • representation in all phases of criminal procedures, with specialization in business criminal acts,
  • representation of injured in collateral proceedings,
  • consideration of acts from a possible penal impact view.

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